Aztech Engineering Limited was formed early in 2004 with a view to improving the quality of engineering services in Wellington.

The company originally situated in Petone Avenue, Lower Hutt employed 6 staff to carry out its operations. Over the past three years operations were shifted to a new location, new specialized equipment purchased and staff levels increased.

Today Aztech employs 25 staff in a variety of trade disciplines, has a workshop in Parliament Street Lower Hutt containing equipment that is flexible, varied and carries out contract works and on site work for clients Wellington wide.


Aztech Engineering offers significant skill in the engineering field through its management team with a combined 70 years experience within the trade and its management. Not only do we offer standard engineering works to clients who know what they require but we also offer a solution based process for those clients who require assistance in meeting objectives.

Our staff are selected using strict criteria to ensure that as a customer your expectations are met consistently and on time and within budget. Staff are regularly trained in activities to ensure they meet our obligations to our clients.

Original plant in Petone, 2004

Mission Statement

To be Wellington’s leading mechanical Engineering workshop which offers a comprehensive premium service to clients at better than market rates.

To return a dividend payment to its shareholders through quality tendering, quality services, long term contracts, minimised waste of labour, materials and equipment.

To investigate and adopt new opportunities for long term contracts that minimise labour fluctuations and maximise profit.

To ensure all compliance requirements are met and particular emphasis is placed on health and safety.

Our Values

Provide quality engineering goods and services to achieve our clients goals.
Commitment to highest ethical business standards.

Dedication to the highest level of engineering excellence, including well trained staff, safety and security policies.

We expect profits.